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Faucets & Hardware Catalogue

「如果把產品目錄做成雜誌會怎麽樣?」- 這是我一開始設計這本目錄的想法。有些人很喜歡看休閒雜誌,卻對一些資訊性的書或產品目錄提不起興趣。產品目錄的確會包含很多像是構造圖以及解說的資訊,但我認為它同時也可以易於理解和攜帶。所以我決定把它包裝成一本雜誌。我以藍、白、灰作主色調,營造出像浴室一樣的乾淨、簡單的舒適感。

“What if a catalogue looks like a magazine?”  Some people enjoy reading leisure magazine rather than other informative books and brochures. Indeed, a catalogue may have to include lots of information like schematics and descriptions. But at the same time, It can be easy to carry and read. I decided to make it like a magazine. The colour scheme of this catalogue includes blue, white and grey, which creates a neat, clean and familiar atmosphere.

完整版請到For full version, please visit:

#Print_2015_Hingwai Catalogue_01.png

年份 Year  |2015

客戶 Client Hing Wai (Hong Kong) Limited

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