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The Story Of Playful Kids : S11



This is the first series of "The Story Of Playful Kids". It seems to me that this experience was interesting. At first, I created and designed 5 different little boy characters. I designed their looks, names and personalities. After some discussions, we decided to choose Shek as the main character, while the other 4 boys as his classmates in this series. Afterwards, I started to develop the other characters like his family and teacher.

- 出版 Publisher小樹苗教育出版社 Sesame Publication

- 作者 Author   |郭思穎、姚睿祉

- 繪者 Illustrator邱瀞儀 Jovis Yau Ching Yi

- 排版 Design  |邱瀞儀 Jovis Yau Ching Yi


@ Causeway Bay Eslite / 誠品銅鑼灣店

01 咬指甲.jpg
02 挖鼻屎.jpg
03 瞄準目標.jpg
04 吃飯.jpg

▼  Book 01《咬指甲真好玩!》

01 指甲內頁A.jpg
01 指甲內頁.jpg

▼  Book 02《爽啊!挖鼻屎》

02 挖鼻屎內頁.jpg
02 挖鼻屎內頁 A.jpg

▼  Book 03《瞄準目標!我吐!》

03 瞄準目標內頁.jpg
03 瞄準目標內頁 A.jpg

▼  Book 04《吃飯真麻煩!》.


▼  Free gifts "我的承諾卡" (Reward Card) and 獎勵貼紙(Stickers) are included.

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