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Little Frog Fo Fo Play With You


Little Frog Fo Fo Play With You contains 3 books, to learn, to read and to play with the company Fo Fo. Children can learn the alphabet and how to draw with letters. It makes the learning process fun and relaxing.

- 出版 Publisher小樹苗教育出版社 Sesame Publication

- 作者 Author   |蔡明亮

- 繪者 Illustrator邱瀞儀 Jovis Yau Ching Yi

- 排版 Design  |邱瀞儀 Jovis Yau Ching Yi

猜猜是什麼 00.jpg

▼ 《猜猜是什麼》/ “Guess Words”

猜猜是什麼 01.jpg
猜猜是什麼 02.jpg

▼  《畫畫學字母》/ “Draw With Letters"

畫畫學字母 02.jpg
畫畫學字母 01.jpg

▼  《找找不一樣》/ "Find Different Games"

找找不一樣 02.jpg
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